Calcium Tablets – Are they REALLY NECESSARY?

Calcium Tablets – Are they REALLY NECESSARY?

These days we all tend to take calcium tablets right from the age of 30/ 35 or may be earlier too which is fortified by Vitamin D. After taking this Vitamin we think our Vitamin D and Calcium will become normal and after taking it for a couple of months we stop it on our own...

We don't take it because a doctor has prescribed, but because my friend/ relative/ neighbor is taking it🙆🏻. We still keep suffering from backache or pain in joints without understanding if calcium tablets fortified with Vitamin D has really benefitted us or no.


1. Calcium in blood will never be low, because whenever calcium in blood is low, calcium from bones comes into the blood making your bones weaker

2.  If Vitamin D has been low for quite some time... then definitely whatever amount of calcium tablet you are taking, it's just a path to severe diseases

3. The foods that we eat contains sufficient amount of daily calcium requirement. hence it is not required to take calcium tablets separately


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