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Concept of Detoxification / Why is Detoxification Required?

Just like we detox our homes once in a year on Diwali...  Even though we clean our homes superficially everyday. However, we need to re member  deep cleaning is required on a daily basis . Just like when we prepare food in a vessel,  and before reusing the vessel we thoroughly wash it.. We don't make food in the same dirty vessels. Similarly when we eat foods, foods metabolise..  This metabolism gives vitamins,  minerals energy to body,  however also produces waste products . When we do not eliminate these waste products on a daily basis, lot of waste matter gets collected inside the body because of which diseases set in. Hence we require detoxification . However if we were to introduce appropriate amount of cleaning foods, waste matter collection wouldn't be there and no need of detoxifying. . Detoxification :  simple meaning is the removal of toxic substances (mainly liver) either naturally or through medicine . When  detoxification can happen natural

Relationship Between Sanitizer & Immunity – Think About It

Relationship Between Sanitizer & Immunity – Think About It We see a lot of advertisements and we immediately buy the product. Let us consider one such product – SANITIZER. I saw an advertisement on sanitizer spray, which targets not only adults but also kids.. 😃 I have seen many people use sanitizer so often 🙆🏻 ‍ ♀ . Let's understand what is sanitization meant for ? It has been misunderstood / mis quoted / misused Sanitization is important where the immunity is low and high risk of infection . I am sure everyone will agree it is HOSPITAL where patients need to be extra cared about, also the environment in hospital in high risk zones is sanitized along with hands and other stuff . If we are using sanitizer in everyday use, we use it only on our palms.. Does it kill all surrounding germs ? 🤔. Would the germs around your environment be sanitized , are you using the sanitizer on your chapatis, in your vegetables (basically food that you are eating?) 🙆 ‍