How Do Diseases Set In?

  • Due to Change in Lifestyle and Consumption of more and more Processed Foods, besides new diseases cropping up, diseases are also starting at an early age and more and more younger generation are falling prey to these diseases.

  • As per Science, pH of blood is between 7.35 - 7.45 (slightly alkaline in Nature). However, processed foods, high protein foods being consumed in diet are all highly acidic in nature because of which the pH of blood goes for a toss. Hence, minerals that help alkalinizing the blood have to leave their organs of origin and enter the blood to maintain the pH and Diseases Start Here. If we can eat a balanced diet consisting of 80% alkaline food and including only 20% acidic food, we can prevent diseases and lead a healthy life.

  • Every action, every activity in the body like breathing, metabolism, walking, running, mental activities, polluted environment around, acidic foods create acid in the body. Therefore, by consuming 80% alkaline foods (ash of food that is alkaline in nature) we prevent the leaching out of minerals into the blood to maintain the pH level. Hence, diseases are prevented. 

  • Wait for further posts to come, to understand, to see what food items should be minimized, what should be had more, what are the misconceptions that we carry about different diet patterns that are in existence these days. We have a clarity on all of them step by step
                                                                       to one and all

                                                Just remember one thing that I always say
                                                                    KEEP YOU FIT"




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    1. Yes Sir, you may definitely share it.

      Thank you & Regards
      Dr. Vidushi Agrawal 🙏

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    1. THANK YOU mam. Please share it with your friends and family too. It is my commitment to spread Health Awareness amongst people and I would be obliged if it reaches maximum people. It will be my PRIVILEDGE to SPREAD KNOWLEDGE ON TRUE CAUSE of DISEASES SO THAT PEOPLE CAN BE AWARE ABOUT THINGS TO CHOOSE HEALTH


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