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Benefits of Fermented Food

1. Fermented foods improve digestive health 2. In fermentation,  bacteria or yeast feed on natural sugars in foods. These microorganisms create compounds such as lactic acid or alcohol, which help preserve the foods.  3. The fermented foods also are filled with "friendly" bacteria as well as helpful enzymes. 4. The bacteria "predigest" certain food components, making them easier to digest & been partly broken down by the bacteria in them. 5. The bacteria in fermented foods produce more vitamins and nutrients as they digest the starches and sugars.  They particularly produce B vitamins and vitamin K2. 6. A healthy gut = a healthy immune system.  Adding fermented foods to the diet will help ensure a healthy gut 7. The lactic acid produced during fermentation helps healthy bacteria already present in your gut to proliferate.   This leads to better gut health