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Question Yourself – Is Smart Water really Smart?

Let's have some more facts cleared about bottled water. We have been told that water having calcium and magnesium are hard water... Isn't it? . Now, let us see what's new in the market? Have we heard of SMART WATER? In this smart water, minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium are being re-added.... Along with these Minerals also sometimes sodium / sugar is added. So A Thing To Be Wondered Is , Natural Water containing calcium and magnesium is hard water .....  But these chemicals are first removed and now re-adding the same minerals back IS HEALTHY & Smart 🤔 . We also know, natural substances are much easier digestible than artificially added minerals. Just like earlier companies said charcoal / salt is not good for the teeth and now the same companies are re-adding them back to the toothpaste 🤦🏻 ‍ 🙆🏻 ‍ . On an average, a litre of smart water costs: $1.48  equivalent to  107 INR 🙆 ‍ . With Other Things To Remember If normal wat