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Immunity At Stake

Just think 🤔 of what I am writing below. When we have been infants or our kids are born, our parents have taken us / we go to hospitals to get them vaccinated. Why? . So that we develop immunity to dreaded diseases. But as we grow older, we are ourselves making self-immunity weak and less capable to fight diseases. Thinking how 🤔 We walk outside the house, we want a bottled water. On testing, pesticides residues are found in these samples above the limit set by the BIS. . After study in Mumbai by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), they found bromate, a possible carcinogen(more than the approved level) in packaged drinking water samples So, what are we doing to ourselves? We are inviting grave diseases, trying to prevent the smaller ones. We have become much more allergic and suffering much more often from cold and cough, fever easily and our immunity is at grave risk