My soap kills germs in 10 seconds

My soap kills germs in 10 seconds

May be true 😇 . Now time yourself... If you are washing hand with a cake soap, it may take 10 seconds,  then washing the hands below the tap another 10 seconds and wiping your hand with a towel for another 10 seconds
Which means that another person will definitely not use the soap atleast before 20 seconds or if it too crowded then atleast 10 seconds...

Hence, if the soap cake also kills germs in 10 seconds, then why spend more & encourage use of PLASTIC DISPENSER

Therefore if washing hands with a soap is for our satisfaction, we can just simply use a cake soap & reduce plastic consumption. Or just wash hands with plain water... Because germs around you are still present which are not being washed away with the soap

However, for our satisfaction, still if we want to use soap, we may use soap strips in public place



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