Myth: The More Protein You Eat the Better

Myth: The More Protein You Eat the Better

Our body needs protein to repair damaged tissues and build hormones, enzymes, and other things. Too much protein can raise the risk for osteoporosis and kidney stones.

That's because high-protein diets cause calcium to slip through the kidneys, into the urinary tract. In people with poor kidney function - often the result of urinary infections, diabetes, or high blood pressure - high-protein diets also tend to accelerate the loss of kidney function

Kidneys filter and remove the waste product and toxins from our body like Urea and Creatinine. These are waste products produced during Protein Metabolism. If amount of protein is high, these waste products produced will be high in quantity, causing pressure on Kidney to Filter and eventually cause loss in kidney functioning

More amount of protein taken, more hydrochloric acid will be released as protein metabolism takes place with the help of enzyme pepsin and hydrochloric acid. More acid, can cause symptoms like Acidity, more acid can lead to Gastritis - Gastric Ulcer and so on. 

Under severe conditions, when there is too much of acid in the body, Cancer can also occur in the body. This is one reason of Rising Cancer Cases Worldwide, along with increasing stress levels

So, decide for yourself if High Protein Diet is really Helpful or you want to follow diet based on Principles of Mother Nature 


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