Drinking Milk can prove expensive not only to adults but also to kids. It can be one of the reasons for setting in Diabetes or Raise Level of Diabetes for both Type 1 and Type 2. Let us understand the reasons why. 

* Milk contains a sugar called Lactose. Lactase enzyme is needed to digest this lactose sugar. As per Scientific Research, Lactase Enzyme totally diminishes from Human Body by the age of 7 years in 65% of total Human Population. Hence, it becomes impossible for Human Body to digest Milk. 

* In rest 35% population, it diminishes with age. Hence, even if Lactose is digested, it breaks into Glucose and Galactose. Since, there is no fiber in Milk, hence glucose gives a steep rise in blood sugar levels, which is more noticeable in diabetics.  Hence, MILK SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS


* When Milk gets converted to Curd, all Lactose is converted to Lactic Acid, which is either used up by the body or easily eliminated. Hence, Curd can be had everyday.

* When Cottage Cheese (Paneer) is prepared,  whey that is removed contains 98% of lactose. Hence, Paneer contains only about 2% of Lactose, hence can be had 2-3 times a week and will not harm us.

Doctors generally prescribe Milk for Calcium. Please make a note that Calcium content of Milk, Curd and Cottage Cheese (Paneer) is same. Hence, we can definitely have Curd and Cottage Cheese (Paneer), which are easily digestible rather than Milk, which is hard to digest

Take your Decision. It is the Matter of YOUR HEALTH.

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Till then have a Healthy Time Ahead
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