What kind of foods should Diet Contain? Alkaline Foods (80%) & Acidic Foods (20%)

As discussed in the previous blog on January 1, 2019, we should have atleast 80% of Alkaline Foods and 20% Acidic Foods.

The food may be Acidic outside; for example a Lemon or any citric food like Orange or Sweet Lime. However, what matters is the ash that they produce on digestion. The ash that these fruits produce is Alkaline, hence highly beneficial for our Health. So, how to identify which foods are Alkaline in Nature? 

Let us remember, most Fruits and Vegetables are alkaline in nature. Grains, Pulses, Nuts and Non - Vegetarian foods are highly acidic in nature.

Therefore, our diet should consist of 80% Fruits and Vegetables (a variety - atleast 40% in raw form and 40% in cooked form) and 20% of the rest.

When we follow this pattern, we would keep our body free of diseases with increased immunity as well. As we belong to Nature, hence if we follow the principle of nature, we would definitely have much better health. We will take this topic soon on March 1, 2019

Till then have a Healthy Time Ahead
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